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Our team of experienced attorneys limits their practice to domestic relations matters, with an emphasis on litigating and providing strategic, unambiguous, and personalized advice on complex, and often highly contested financial matters and custody disputes. We represent clients in every phase of divorce actions (including challenges and defense of pre- and postnuptial agreements), actions concerning legal and physical custody, visitation and removal of minor children from the Commonwealth pursuant to G.L. c. 208, § 30, actions to obtain, collect and recover child support, separate support/alimony actions, complaints to modify existing judgments, complaints for contempt to enforce existing judgments, paternity actions, and equitable actions, including those for declaratory relief under G.L. c. 231A. We negotiate and draft prenuptial and postnuptial (marital) agreements, and in the course of representing our clients, provide forensic analysis and presentation of expert testimony in all related disciplines, including business appraisers and analysts, guardians ad litem, mental health professionals, real estate appraisers, and vocational experts. We additionally offer and provide ADR solutions such as mediation, arbitration and conciliation.

We have written or lectured extensively on myriad matrimonial issues and are frequently appointed by the courts as masters, guardians ad litem, conciliators and attorneys for disabled children and spouses.

Our team shares an unwavering commitment to timely respond to your inquiries, to work with you to create an individualized strategy, provide skilled and knowledgeable advice throughout your case, and to aggressively negotiate or litigate a resolution on your behalf.

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